• Terra del Sole Trullo

    Terra del Sole Trullo

  • Panoramic Trullo Villa

    Panoramic Trullo Villa

  • Trullo High Seas

    Trullo High Seas

  • Prestige Pool Trullo

    Prestige Pool Trullo

  • Trullo Macchie

    Trullo Macchie

  • Tia Trullo

    Tia Trullo

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An opportunity to have a trulli authentic southern Italian experience.

A trullo with multiple rooms located in a wheat field. Photo by Giuseppe Zeta

Puglia’s Trulli

Italy’s history dates back several, several centuries. The country is full of historical buildings such as palaces, government buildings, and even everyday houses can date back a few hundred years. In Puglia, however, there is a specific type of historical building unique to this region: the trullo. Scattered throughout Puglia, these distinctive buildings, with their rounded, stone walls and conical roofs, provide an insight into the history of Puglia. Whether used as storage sheds, temporary housing for field workers, or family homes, some trulli date back more than a century.

Original Trullo. Photo by Christine McIntosh

The origin of the trullo is disputed among experts, however the earliest evidence of trulli dates back to before the 16th century. Many people have begun restoring and using trulli again as a way to preserve and show appreciation for this unique period in their local history. There are Italian trulli that can be found outside Puglia and even outside of Italy. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll find that Apulians who emigrated from Puglia built them, having brought the knowledge of a trullo’s construction along with them. Today, their legacy lives on in the various trulli found throughout the region and is appreciated by all to who visit these special little homes.