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What is a trullo?

When traveling to a foreign country, visitors are looking for experiences unique to that location. The distinct tastes and smells of the local cuisine. The sounds of the local language and the traditional music. The beauty of traditional art and architecture. But, often when staying in a hotel, it’s easy to become cut off from the characteristics that make that part of the world unique. Why not take your experience a step further and stay in a traditional home? In Puglia (Apulia), the traditional home specific to this region is the trullo.

Get a feel for what life was like for many families living during the last few centuries.


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photo of original trullo

Trullo La Dolce Vita’s humble origins preserved in black and white.

Builders doing maintenance on a trullo roof. photo by Alice

A trullo is a hut like structure made from one of the various types of local limestone, and often features a conical roof often displaying the symbol of the builder. The stone used for constructing trulli (plural) most often came from the digging of cisterns. The reinforced walls and ceiling of the cistern were then used as the support for the floor of a trullo. Trulli were usually built in rural areas as family homes, storage sheds and/or shelters for farmers and field workers. The size, number of rooms and layout varied with the intended use of the trullo. On the inside, there is usually one room per dome, with trulli for families tending to have two or more rooms. Children usually slept in little alcoves built into the walls of the trullo. Due to the way a trullo is constructed, a trullo can’t support multiple floors and can only be expanded horizontally. The exact origins of the trullo are disputed, but one of the many theories is that they were a solution for evading the exorbitantly high property taxes. When a tax collector was in the area, a trullo could be quickly dismantled, allowing the owner to hide the evidence of the existence of an entire property.

Abandoned trullo. photo by Christine McIntoch


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